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At Siochana we enjoy sharing our expertise with our clients to help them feel, heal and move better. We invite you to contact us to discuss how the  benefits of massage therapy can improve your over-all health and well-being. 

Lakeside Beach Address:   24 Pettet Drive, Port Perry, Ontario  L9L 1B4 Telephone: 289-354-1968 : email: siochanamassage@gmail.com

Green Orchid Wellness: 965 Dundas St. W., Ste. 204, Whitby, Ontario  Telephone: 905-233-8020: http://www.greenorchidwellness.jane.app.com

Lakeview Health and Wellness: 158 Casmir Street, Port Perry, Ontario L9L 1B7 Telephone: 905-985-0586: http://www.lakeviewhealthandwellness.ca



 We look forward to your visit

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