Siochana Facials

$95 The BlackRose Facial   

Our facials enhance the skins natural function, manage irritation and promote a healthy, radiant glow. Each facial begins with a professional consultation and complimentary skin analysis to ensure a treatment plan that will support the natural regeneration, repair and balance of your skin. Let us help you to bring your best face to any occasion. (Facials include a relaxing face, decollete, shoulder and neck massage; refreshing cleanser, exfoliation & extractions (if needed); soothing steam, hot towels, a hydrating cream mask; toning & moisturizing.)

$115   Microdermabrasion Cream Facial                                         

Crystallized cream based exfoliant applied with a relaxing facial massage, gently reduces fine lines, wrinkles & acne scarring while replenishing collagen & stimulating circulation to result in the appearance of brighter skin, even pigment and a youthful glow. 

$90    Back Facial                                                        

Allow us to reach your back for you. Just like our signature facials, our back facial will start with a consultation, skin analysis and personalized treatment plan that includes exfoliation, steam, hot towels, extraction, toner, relaxation back massage,cream mask and a deep moisturizing finish.

Rev up your Facial experience - Speak to your Esthetician about enhancing your facial with the following add-on services.

$15   Paraffin, Rubberized or Collagen Advanced Mask                 

$8     Eye Compress                                                                         

$8     Lip Rejuvenating Treatment  

$10    Collagen Ampule