Triple Goddess                                                                                    $265.00*

Enhances your feeling of confidence & vitality with a Revitalizing Body Scrub; a 60 Minute Hot Stone Massage*; and a Golden Tone & Repair Facial.(approx 3hr)

Enchantment                                                                                      $233.00*

The combination of a Cranberry Body Polish; a Moisturizing Facial; and a Lash Lift with Tint is sure to leave your with feelings of youthful delight. (approx. 3 hr)

Divinity                                                                                               $265.00*

This combination of a luxurious Full Body Wrap; Collagen Infused Facial; and a BlackRose pedicure will have you feeling simply divine. (approx. 3 hr)

Spellbound     (coming soon)                                                             $284.00*

Fall under the spell of our Full Body Wrap; Gua Sha Facial; and a BlackRose Manicure/Pedicure & you will feel relaxed & refreshed - as though by magic! (approx. 4 hr)

Peace                                                                                             $182.52*

75 Minute Massage (RMT); BlackRose Facial (approx. 2.5 hr)

Harmony                                                                                        $220.77*

75 Minute Massage (RMT); BlackRose Facial; and BlackRose Pedicure (approx. 3.5 hr)

Balance                                                                                         $276.02*

75 Minute Massage (RMT); Gua Sha Facial; BlackRose Manicure & BlackRose Pedicure (approx. 4 hr)

Gentlemen's Care                                                                         $223.32*

75 Minute Massage (RMT); Gentlemen's Facial & Gentlemen's Pedicure (approx. 3.5 hr)

 *Plus applicable taxes (RMT service fee may be covered by personal insurance plan)