SAVE 30% - 40%* 

These offers are available to our existing and future clients during the mandatory suspension of all Non-Essential Massage Treatments, until further notice.

We recognize that many of you will be needing extra massage therapy after Covid-19 has left our community and we are here to help!

Massage is an amazing manual therapy for rehabilitation of muscle and joint function, pain relief and improved circulation - it is ALSO a FANTASTIC treatment for insomnia, STRESS, depression and anxiety. Please discuss your goals & concerns with your Registered Massage Therapist.


1)     Flash Sale 5 (five) 60 minute Massage Therapy Treatments  $310.00*

2)    Flash Sale 10 (ten) 60 minute Massage Therapy Treatments  $570.00*



Appointments will be made available when the CMTO removes the suspension of all Non-Essential Massage Therapy Treatments (not before); Reciepts for private insurance submission will be provided after the massage treatment has been received, not upon purchase of package;* HST is included in the Purchase Price; Offer can not be combined with any other promotions or offers; Savings is between 30%-40% per package; This promotion is not offered for single service purchases; Siochana Massage Therapy & Spa Inc. reserves the right to assign the RMT; regular cancellation policy remains in effect.