Membership Benefits (speak to Director for full membership details)

1. Free treatments;

2. Introductory Pricing;

3. Cancellation Leniency; &

4. Referral Reward


Esthetics Memberships

BlackRose Facial                                                $95.00*/month

Microdermabrasion Cream Facial                      $115.00*/month

Gua Sha Facial  (coming soon)                          $125.00*/month

Vajacial or Booty Facial                                      $ 50.00*/month

BlackRose Manicure & Pedicure                        $ 80.00*/month

Brazilian Maintenance                                        $ 45.00*/month

Massage Therapy Memberships (RMT)

30 Minute Massage                                            $ 65.00/month

60 Minute Massage                                           $  95.00/month   

90 Minute Massage                                           $130.00/month         


* Prices are subject to applicable taxes