The Professional Esthetians at Siochana Massage Therapy & Spa understand that not all clients are a-like. They are trained to provide treatments customized to your specific health conditions & know that it is this care that will provide you with the best possible results.  

Our Estheticians have all graduated from an Advanced Esthetics Ontario College program.

For Skin Care, Nail Care & Spa Treatments, book an appointment with Allannah, Kanisha or Stephanie.

Siochana, helping you have wellness from the skin in! 

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Eye Therapy From $5.00
Facials  From $90.00
Make-Up Come in for a free consultation
Mani / Pedi  From $33.00
Scrubs and Wraps  From $65.00
Siochana Kids  From $8.00
Wax Treatments From $7.00


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